Fifty Years and a Hundred Guitars

Fifty Years and a Hundred Guitars: My Love Affair with Guitars



My dad measured his life with cars.  He didn’t talk much, so if I wanted to get him talking about his life, his youth and what he’d done, I had to ask him about the cars he’d owned.  He and his neighbor rebuilt that old Model A and sold it for $25.00… yarn after yarn, car after car.  It was the only way to get him talking, but it was a little weird.  “Tell me about the cars you had growing up, Dad.”


I am still trying to convince myself that I am nothing like my father, after all, I’m a Baby Boomer. And it is simply a coincidence that I can tell you about every guitar I’ve owned, beginning with my mother’s Silvertone at ten.  And, for that matter, no one has to try very hard to get me talking.  Which may be one reason why no one has ever asked me to tell them about the guitars I have owned.  But if they did, this is what I’d say.

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